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New Video: Lance's First Time  (HD)

You met Lance briefly in Eric Clark's second webcam video. Here he is again, this time doing an audition video for us a little while later that same evening. Eric was still there recovering from his own show, but he just couldn't help getting involved in this video. Who could blame him. Lance has "equipment" not even the most saintly monk could resist, lol.

Added: December 17, 2014

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Eric does it again ... (HD)

This is Eric Clark's second live webcam show. Our hot eager twink is joined for a while by our newest model, Lance, who was there for his audition shoot. But he couldn't help himself and joined the action for a bit as well. Find out more about Eric's adventures by logging in. ;-)

Justin does Erik (HD)

The day after Erik topped Justin, we filmed Justin topping Erik. This was Justin's first time ever topping he said. But you wouldn't know that from watching him go at Erik. He performed without hesitation and as a total pro. But then again, Erik made it very easy for him to slip in and out. :-P

Brent sends Greetings (HD)

Welcome back to the Turks & Caicos Islands! I've been here a couple of weeks now, and as you can see I now have a nice tan. This is just a short video to say hello as I'm preparing for shoot of an episode of the TV series "I'm a Stripper". It's very hot here, and that makes me very horny. :-P

Brent & Steve

Brent & Urijah

Brent & Russell Ryan


Cade Rivers

Kayden Hart