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New Video: POOL PLAY (HD)

This is the edited version of my January 2, 2016 webcam show from my Caribbean paradise. I had cleaned my parents' pool a few days earlier, so it was only right that I should try it out, lol. It was a gorgeous day after a few days of rain (yes, rain...). So I was ready to have some fun. As you'll see, I made the right decision. :-P

Added:  January 30, 2016

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The Shipwreck (HD)

Brandon Wilde visited me in early January. One day we went kayaking off the island to explore a shipwreck some two miles offshore. After we explored the wreck, Brandon decided he was hot and hungry. As you'll see, I was able to satisfy him completely. :-P  :-P

The Poolboy (HD)

You can't just swim and play in a pool. Sometimes it has to be emptied and cleaned. To do that you need a poolboy. This time it was my job. Of course, all that hard work in the hot sun made me horny. So, as you'll see, I had to do the cleaning twice. :-P

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Brent Takes A Shower (HD)

Steve and I had been working hard on my mom's Potcakes dog shelter Christmas project and afterwards I really needed a shower badly. So we headed to a friend's place wich has a really fancy shower, and this little video is the result. After we shot it, I was ready for much more... :-P

An Underwater Adventure (HD)

In December, when Steve and Jayson were visiting, we were able to shoot an underwater video. You can't imagine how much fun that was and how amazing the underwater life is here in the Caribbean Islands. The rocks and plants, the fishes and the turtles, and, oh yes, me... lol.


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