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New Video: Garrett meets Brent's Dildo  (HD)

We've been trying to get Garrett Cooper and Brent together for quite a while now. But this is the closest we've been able to come so far. As you'll see, Garrett is more than enthusiastic to totally try on even an artificial Brent. Just imagine how much more filling & thrilling it would be to be handling the complete real article. Be patient awhile, we're working on it... :-P

Added:   September 30, 2015

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Brent in the Shower

At a friend's house, trying out his fantastic shower, nothing like mine ;-) Unfortunately, I forgot to bring an extra battery for my HD camera. So this video is not HiDef. But as you'll see, even in standard definition I had a lot of fun. Too bad you couldn't all be there with me. :-P

Meet Mateo Lucas (HD)

This is Mateo Lucas. Steve and I met him in Vancouver at the end of July at the Odyssey Night Club. He's a dancer and stripper and, as you can see, super hot. We knew right away we had to get him to perform for the website. And here he is! Take a good look. :-P

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Brent's Episode is No 5.
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In The Bedroom (HD)

"In the Bedroom" is in my Toronto apartment which has a number of things I really like, including a fantastic deck, unfortunately surrounded by buildings so I had to shoot indoors, lol. Still, as you'll see, the outcome was just what we all wanted. Don't you agree?

Happenings in Allan Gardens (HD)

I was on the way to the gym after lunch today and decided to make a quick stop at the Allan Gardens Conservatory, a historic cast-iron & glass building from 1910. As you know, I'm almost always horny (except when I have food poisoning, lol). Hope you like quickies...


The Michael Hoffman Videos

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