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New Video: Mark's Not Dancing Today ... (HD)

Say "hi" to Mark Greco, dancer & stripper from Washington, DC. This is his first webcam for the site. He's tall, he's hot, and he has a terrific dry sense of humor. So listen carefully to him as well as watch (at least during the first few minutes, lol). Check out his equipment and his moves... :-P

Added: July 22, 2015

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While Waiting for my Visitors (HD)

Back in Toronto, waiting for Jayson and Steve's visit. It's raining cats and dogs, and I'm supposed to be preparing for a BBQ. Well, the deck is all wet and I'm horny (not really unexpected, lol). So before I head out to the airport, I shot this little video to calm myself down. What do you think?

Brandon visits Brent (HD)

Brandon Wilde came to visit just a few days before I had to head back to Toronto. It all started around the pool, but then as things heated up even more we went into my bedroom. Good thing too, because this is one of the hottest scenes on the site, I think.

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Brent's Episode is No 5.
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Smile, Garrett, Smile! (HD)

Meet Garrett Cooper, our newest model/performer. This is his first live webcam for us. He's super hot, very versatile and has a smile to die for (among other things...)! We hope to shoot some more videos with him very soon to let him demonstrate his "versatility". :-P

What Happens in Panama ... (HD)

On July 3/4, 2015, Steve and I went down to Panama City for a gig at Club XS. Jayson came with us for the visit. So on July 3rd, the three of us did a Question & Answer Webcam (which a lot of members have been requesting). I hope you like the result. It's 55 minutes long.


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