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New Video: In the studio, sort of ...

This is another video is from 2012, a couple of months before my travel problems started. It's not in HD or widescreen because our HD camera was in for repairs. The surroundings are a bit basic because I was also in the middle of redesigning and reconstructing our studio where we shot our videos. Still, despite the lower video quality, I think it's still pretty hot. What do you think?

Added:  May 23, 2016

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Ashton's First "Webcam"  (HD)

Meet Ashton, 24, from Washington, DC, is studying to be a massage therapist, and is a part-time stripper. This was going to be a live webcam show till the DC technical gremlins hit. As this was Ashton's first time in front of a camera, he was a bit shy, but he came through with flying ...

A Trip Down Memory Lane

This video is from 2012, a couple of months before my travel problems started. At the time there was a lot of confusion. So this video was overlooked somehow and just now resurfaced. It's not high definition or even widescreen, but I hope you'll enjoy this trip into the past just the same.

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Sunday Afternoon with Jessie Lee (HD)

You met Jessie Lee at his first live webcam show a few weeks ago. He was a very popular addition to our family. So, Steve brought him back as soon as he could. Jessie is super physically fit and treated us all to a move during the show that's a first for the site. Check it (and him) out. :-P

Almost like a live webcam show  (HD)

I shot this little video for you a few days ago at a friend's place. I tried to make it as much like a live webcam show as possible and hope you think so too. As you'll see, I had a good, hot time. Certainly, the sofa reminds me a lot of my own back home, lol.


The Michael Hoffman Videos

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